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HIFIMAN HE400i Headphones

Rs. 17,999.00

HIFIMAN HE400i 2020 Version Full-Size Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Professional Headphones with Enhanced Headband, 3.5mm Connector, for Audiophiles, Great Sound Quality, Stereo-Black. What’s new in Ver.2020? Thanks to its newly designed adjustable lightweight headband, the HE400i Ver.2020 features cool and comfortable fit for hours of listening pleasure. The headband may be new, but the drivers are the same audiophile favorites that made the original HE400i one of HIFIMAN Electronics’ most popular headphones. It will satisfy the most demanding music lovers, at home and in the studio.

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Product Description

-Audiophile Sound: Outstanding sonics that eclipse most other headphone designs. Massive diaphragm allows high signal input and flexible tone control. Very fast response time due to the lightweight diaphragm design. Evenly distributed magnetic force for low distortion and reproduction of live sound.
-Breakthrough Innovation: Single-ended planar magnetic driver provides an ultra-wide soundstage and spatial imaging.
-Lightweight and Comfortable: 30% Lighter than Comparable Headphones; All-new Headband and 3.5mm connector for increased comfort and durability. ABS polymer ear cups in a gloss charcoal finish give the HE400i a striking contemporary appearance. The improved pressure pattern provides best-in-class comfort.
-Extended Warranty: Get an extra three-month warranty by registering your headphone at HIFIMAN website


Frequency Response: 20Hz – 35kHz
Impedance: 35 Ω
Efficiency: 93dB
Weight : 370g (13.05oz)

Headphone Cable (1.5 meter or 4.9 Feet; 3.5mm plug)
Earpads:1 pair (on the headphone)
¼”(6.35mm) headphone adapter


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