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HIFIMAN Arya headphone

HIFIMAN Arya Headphone

Rs. 107,000.00

HIFIMAN Arya -Full-Size Over Ear Planar Magnetic Audiophile Adjustable Headphone

-Stunning Audio Value

-Balanced Sound Signature

-Patented ‘Window Shade’ system for driver protection and optimized open-back headphone design.

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Product Description

HIFIMAN Arya Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm:

-The planar driver in HIFIMAN’s Arya headphone evenly covers the surface of the diaphragm, resulting in distortion-free listening.

-Reduced interference in sound wave transmissions from the diaphragm.

Advanced Asymmetrical Magnet Circuit:

-Years of research into planar driver optimizations led HIFIMAN to utilize an asymmetric design with smaller magnets on the side facing the ear

Metal and High-Grade Plastic Construction

-HIFIMAN designed the Arya’s quality metal headband with extra strength and a special high-grade plastic for lightweight comfort and rugged durability

Bold Black Aesthetic:

-Arya is a statement of both aesthetic and sonic excellence


HIFIMAN Arya Specs

Weight: 1.5 Kg
Dimensions: 11.9 x 10.4 x 7.2 cm
Impedance: 35Ω
Sensitivity: 90dB


1.Review on

The Arya offers a revealing yet entertaining listening experience.  Sporting a wealth of detail and impressive extension, the Arya feels more like a drug or a higher plane of existence than it does a headphone.  Our recommendation?  This is one of those headphones you just have to hear to believe.  Definitely seek out a place to audition it, but only if you have the money to buy it.  The sound is just that fine.

-Caroll Moore

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2.Review on

…makes you get up and going, no analytical dryness or mushy softness, balances great technicalities with toe tapping, singing character, great micro- and macrodynamics, very expressive definition of details and textures,
exceptional soundstage depth and spaciousness, seamless transition for objects to come out of space and disappear, excellent extension to both sides, “fast” in the context of not blurring hails of transients/objects, lines, instruments.

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3.Review on

The Arya, much like its name, is a seductive and alluring pair of headphones. The amazing linearity and coherence that was present on my testing tracks proved how articulate they are. There’s no doubt the Hifiman Arya headphones will satisfy many owners, with their beautiful tonal balance coupled with the massive and laser-sharp staging. Hifiman has really hit the jackpot with this one. Just keep in mind that I had my amp set to its highest gain for the Arya.

-Ammar Mariti

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