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HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Mk2 Class-A

Rs. 44,500.00

The Gilmore Lite Mk2 marks HeadAmp’s return to the affordable yet high-end class-A headphone amplifier space that we started out in over 15 years ago. This amplifier boasts more power and a more sophisticated look and feel than our earlier model, and promises to be a great pairing for headphones like the Focal Elear, high-end Sennheiser HD models, Audeze LCD-series, and HIFIMAN HE-series among others.

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Product Description

Those looking to drive the most demanding headphone loads like the Audeze LCD-4 and HIFIMAN HE-6 or Susvara should look at the GS-X Mk2 for it’s higher output power and balanced drive.

The Lite Mk2 has a sophisticated but discreet look, and small size that will allow it to blend seamlessly into any desk, workspace, nightstand, or audio rack. The separate power supply keeps electrical noise away from the amplifier, and reduces the amp’s overall footprint.

The Gilmore Lite Mk2 uses the same super-low-noise/distortion amplifier circuit as our flagship dynamic amp. It drives dynamic and planar magnetic headphones with up to 1.5W of pure class-A power from its’ fully discrete amplifier section.

This amp has all the fine attention to detail and special touches that make it a true HeadAmp original. The volume knob outclasses the competition, and the bronzed engraving and amber LED give it a unique aesthetic. The Gilmore Lite Mk2 has a pre-amp output for controlling speakers, and two switchable RCA inputs.



Power Supply:Universal 100-240V 50-60Hz AC compatible, IEC inlet
Type:Low noise JFET input; Pure Class A bipolar transistor output
Frequency Response:10Hz-90KHz +/-0.2dB
THD+N: <0.006%
Total Drive Power: Max 1.5W
Gain: 7.5X (16.5dB)
Input Impedance: 50K ohm
Output Impedance: <1 ohm
Line Voltage: 100V, 115/120V, 230/240V
Power Consumption: 10W


Volume Control:Alps Blue Potentiometer
Inputs:2 sets RCA jacks
Outputs:1 6.5mm headphone jack, 1 set RCA active-preamplifier jacks
Dimensions – Amplifier: 5.75in [146mm] W x 6.75in [171mm] D x 2in [51mm] H
Shipping Weight: 4lb [1.8Kg]


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