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HeadAmp Aristaeus Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

Rs. 343,440.00

The Aristaeus design dates back over a decade, to an extremely limited edition amplifier timed to coincide with a re-release of the Sennheiser Orpheus (HE90) electrostatic headphone. Inspired by the original Orpheus amplifier, the current Aristaeus features a number of improvements in parts and build quality, and, as always, the exemplary fit and finish of all HeadAmp products.

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Product Description

The all-tube circuit design provides a warm, rich sound to match the luxurious burled maple inlays on the amplifier’s front panel. Every Aristaeus is tested extensively throughout the build process, as well as before, and after an extensive burn-in process to ensure the best possible performance.

The Aristaeus is a unique amplifier for HeadAmp, featuring a warm, smooth, slightly laid-back sound, and gorgeous inset wood panels. The Aristaeus pairs well with STAX electrostatic headphones, and vintage Sennheiser electrostats also. The lush midrange presentation and smooth top end make for an extremely involving listen and natural sound when combined with inherent speed and detail of electrostatic headphones. If you are looking to add a new layer of musicality and enjoyment to your headphone system, the Aristaeus should be at the top of your list.


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