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Cube Audio Nenuphar Monitor

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Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini Monitor is a single driver loudspeaker based on slightly modified Cube Audio F10 Neo. The drivers have a bit different whizzers geometry and we removed the third smallest whizzer in order to keep the sound balance similar to the Nenuphar floor-standing speaker. We had plenty of questions about smaller bookshelf loudspeakers. We decided to go with a very effective bass-reflex enclosure to offer amazing bass response and keep compact cabinet size. Modern, elegant design and high-quality black or white piano finish make the loudspeaker a beautiful addition to every style of interior. All drivers and loudspeakers are handmade in Poland. Pursuing the highest quality and longevity, the manufacturing process involves both artisan craftsmanship and modern precise computer-controlled CNC machines.

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Product Description

Nenuphar Monitor is dedicated for rooms of 12 – 25 square meters. They are a perfect match for a tube amp with at least 3 Watts per channel. Our personal preference is somewhere around 2A3, Px4, 45 tube-based amps. Nonetheless, most solid-state amps (especially those working in A-class) are also an amazing match for the Nenuphar Mini Monitor When it comes to placement, they can be placed both forward and placed right against the back wall. They like about 5-10 degrees of toe-in. The stands come with the monitors and are offered as a set.


Max power: 40 W
Efficiency: 91 dB
Frequency response: 38 Hz – 18kHz ( 6db)*

Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 60 cm
Weight: 25 Kg


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