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Auris Nirvana Headphone Amplifier

Rs. 499,000.00

Nirvana is a two-chassis desktop headphone amplifier. It is a stylish, full sized headphone amplifier, designed in a single-ended technology with a 6,5W pure class A per channel. It enables driving wide range of headphones, from easy driving dynamics to planar magnetic ones.If you are looking for a musical instrument to deliver maximum performance or you are seeking or lusting for, a product that will make you feel as if you are in heaven, look no further than the Auris Nirvana.

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Product Description

Nirvana proves that bass performance from headphones can match the quality and the quantity of bass-via-massive-woofers. No loss of details, perfect clarity, precision and airiness with all the headphones plugged into it. In the matter of sound, Nirvana represents a blend of Auris Ha2 and Headonia amplifier, in the way that it takes the best of both. Balanced mode reveales many hidden layers of music and the reproduction becomes slightly more detailed.

It sounds like you’re in heaven with a dynamic, wide and very well layered sound with a good amount of warmth and tube smoothness. The Nirvana gets sound (and looks) just right and it simply is impossible not to like.

-Stylish, full sized headphone amplifier, designed in a single-ended technology with a 6,5W pure class A per channel
-Enables driving wide range of headphones, from easy driving dynamics to planar magnetic ones
-Usage of iconic EL34 tubes, known for deep and tight bass, sweet mids and extended and detailed highs
-Robust and durable wood-and-leather-chassis protects against vibrations


In technological terms, Nirvana qualities are reflected in:

Carefully selected and pre-tested tubes – should last for 10.000 hours. It is powered by iconic EL34 by Electro Harmonix, a most common pentode found in British amplifiers. The drive tube is ECC82 by Tung- Sol, popular in audio world as low-noise tube for most popular amplifiers circuits.
Transformers – manually wound on double C core and manufactured in-house in compliance with strictly defined requirements.
High quality components – branded Mundorf, Rubicon, Wima etc…

Nirvana features a classic retro design with wooden plates on top and at the bottom, with black or white ( red/brown LIMITED EDITION) leather finishing in between.
It is a two-piece stylish design with external PSU, attached to the main amplifier via high quality 1m long umbilical cord.
Two transformers on the top of the amp are noticeable with a glass protection for tubes
Tubes are inserted into easily-accessible sockets on the top
Two backlit VU meters and two headphone outputs ( 4-pin XLR + 6,3mm stereo )
Three dials/selectors on the top panel, for output impedance, volume and inputs
Two pairs of RCA inputs with a pair of 3-pin XLR and a power input on the back panel
PSU is made of aluminium chassis with a cord wrapped with a proper strain relief
Supported input voltage selector 110V/220 V

Total Nirvana dimensions are 300mm ( W ) x 390mm ( L ) x 210mm ( H ) with weight of 13,5 kg. Stylish and simple PSU with 144mm ( W ) x 204mm ( L ) x 74mm ( H ), allows users to place it next to the amp or on a distance of 1m at most, considering to the length of interconnect cable.

Nirvana comes in a large and hefty box. Unit is protected with a plenty of foam inside the box. The package includes full set of stock tubes, a pair of Auris branded gloves, user manual, warranty card. Power cables are not included. The package weight is 19 kg, in total.


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