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Feliks Audio Euforia Headphone Amp

Rs. 211,500.00

Euforia is a hi-end audio enthusiast’s headphone amplifier built around Purism and signal Clarity.It is the Feliks Audio flagship headphone amplifier – a beautifully handcrafted OTL that excels in both sound quality and the esthetics. It is built around two premium 6SN7 (CV181-TII) and two NOS 6AS7G tubes, supported by custom made high end transformer and high quality internals, like Mundorf and Nichicon capacitors, Dale and Caddock resistors, and delivers amazing dynamism, sound stage and level of details unusual for tube amplifiers, at the same time giving the unmistakably “tube” sound signature.

Product Description

Euforia’s unique design allows for exceptional sound quality with a broad range of headphones – it is powerful enough to drive even demanding low impedance headphones (<32 ohm) including planar magnetics. The amplifier sports a unique CrossFeed function that allows user to control the channel separation level. Alternatively, Euforia can be used as pre-amp for both tube and transistor amplifiers.


Technical parameters:
· Input Impedance: 100 kOhm
· Frequency response: 8 Hz – 75 Khz +/- 3 dB (300 ohm)
· Power output: 250mW
· THD: 0.4 % (300 ohm, 20 mW)
· Optimal headphones impedance: 32 – 600 ohm,
also planar magnetics
· Amplification factor ~20db
· Output impedance ~20ohm
· Signal to noise ratio 97dB
· Power output – measured at max input voltage 1,8V RMS,
1KHz, THD below 0.5%: 600 ohm=>80mW, 300ohm=>130mW,
100 ohm=>200mW, 32 ohm=>130mW
· 3 years warranty


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