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Full range speakers of XXI century
We believe that fullrange speakers can be the final answer to the great question – “What speakers are the best for me”. They can offer a listening experience that multiway loudspeakers struggle to deliver. The level of openness, dynamics, micro and macro details, the illusion of listening to the live concert, amazing midrange and last but not least amazing soundstage, are very well known to all fullrange speakers fans.

For over four years we were developing 8″ and 10″ full range speakers that possess all advantages of classically known fullrange drivers, but do not have all of the weak points. After few hundred prototypes and countless hours of developing and listening to them, we believe that we managed to achieve our goal. Finally, the most innovative full range drivers are here to challenge the status quo and present the speaker that can, not only satisfy, but also provide a continuous astonishment to all music lovers.

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