Goldfinch Acoustics

Goldfinch Acoustics is started with the aim of bringing very best audio equipment from around the world to the Indian audiophiles. We try to be different by bring only the very best and at the same time value for money product.

For instance we are starting with Sonnet Audio BV from Netherlands because of the quality and value it brings to the table. Products designed by world renowned DAC designer Mr Cees Ruijtenberg, he creates his own DAC chip rather than using off the shelf DAC chips generally used in most of the DACs in the market.

By introducing products such as Sonnet Audio in the Indian market we
try to offer unique value proposition to the clients who are looking for the very best of the audio equipment’s available in the market.

Our Service Policy

At Goldfinch Acoustics we believe selling a product to a client is just a beginning of long relationship ahead. We do understand the challenges consumers in India face when it comes to servicing their products. Most of the time the products had to be shipped back to the manufacturer in a foreign country for repair which ofcourse takes lot of money and time. That is why we will make sure most of the service is available in India and the product goes to the manufacturer only for extensive repairs.

Headfier’s Heaven

Digital to Analogue conversion

As much as we would have loved to stay analogue all the way we are living at a time where one cannot leave digital audio out in the audio library since more and more material are being digitised and more importantly easy to use is the new key word. So whats the best we can do ? Get the Digital to analogue converter that is almost as good as analogue records. This is the key criteria we have at Goldfinch Acoustics when we choose the brands to sell in India. Like to discuss more on this ? just pick your phone and give us a call.

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